Hybrid Partial Dentures

Case Study

Hybrid partial dentures are where dental implants are used to help stabilise a partial denture. By placing an attachment onto the implant that clips to the denture, it will hold the denture in place much more firmly, thus giving you more confidence when eating and speaking. There is not as much documented long-term scientific evidence for this treatment approach when compared with using multiple implants, however it can be a cost effective way to help to secure your partial denture and improve your denture wearing experience.



Hybrid partial dentures will hold in better compared with conventional partial or full dentures. They will prevent the denture from moving when eating and speaking thus giving you more confidence when in social situations.

Reduce costs

Hybrid partial dentures will reduce costs compared with implant fixed bridges because less implants and associated componentry are needed.


Surgery is required to place the implants and treatment time is increased to allow the implants to integrate with your bone. There is less long-term scientific data on maintenance requirements and longevity. You would need to assume that maintenance would be increased when compared with a fixed implant bridge using multiple implants.


The attachment systems used will need maintenance / replacement over time. The acrylic on the denture may need replacement as the prosthetic teeth wear.