Immediate Dentures

Case Study

Although we do our utmost to try and save your teeth, sometimes it becomes impractical to maintain heavily decayed and failing teeth. There may also not be enough teeth to support fixed bridges or the cost and surgery for implant placement may exclude this as an option for you.

In these cases, often we recommend immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are simply false teeth that we make to place on the same day that your teeth are removed.

Maintain appearances

The benefits of placing dentures immediately include improving and keeping a natural appearance after having your teeth removed and getting you used to having the dentures in your mouth. Unfortunately it is a difficult task to make the dentures exactly as we want them and we cannot try them in your mouth before we deliver them to you. We recommend that you are prepared to have the immediate dentures relined or completely remade after a period of three to six months. On most occasions your estimate will include the cost of a reline for your immediate dentures after 8-12 weeks. There will be three to four appointments required to make the dentures then an appointment will be scheduled with the surgeon to have your teeth removed and the dentures placed in your mouth.


You must be prepared for a drastic life change when having immediate dentures made. You will find eating food difficult, your speech will also change and there may be a significant learning period before you become confident wearing your new dentures. We cannot guarantee that you will adapt quickly to the new set of dentures we propose to make. You will have your teeth removed by an oral surgeon and he will deliver the dentures for you. You must not remove the dentures until we can check you the next day. After the follow-up appointment we will see you again in one week to adjust and ease the dentures.

Follow up

After Andrew or the Oral Surgeon has removed your teeth, you will need to be followed up in the next few days. If there is any excessive bleeding please call the clinic so we can assess your situation. Leave the dentures in at all times and only briefly take them out to clean them at night and in the morning. If you leave the dentures out for too long, the swelling of your gums may prevent getting the denture back in comfortably.


After a period of one to two months, you will notice that your gums will shrink. Unfortunately this means that the dentures will become loose and will require a reline. Sometimes we need to reline your dentures with a soft liner (a soft material that acts like a cushion) if they are rubbing on the gum too much.

As with any new set of dentures there will be a period of time where you will be getting familiar with using them, this can range from days to months. At this time it is common to have areas on the new dentures which rub on the gum and cause ulceration. Usually we will need to see you for more than one visit to relieve these areas on the dentures.