After Surgery Care

Case Study

Complications are rare following surgery due to careful planning. 

Stitches are always used (usually dissolvable), therefore the risk of bleeding is low; however If any bleeding occurs, it can normally be stopped by applying firm pressure (for 15 minutes) with gauze. If it continues, please call the clinic.

Following surgery, you will need to rest for the remainder of the day and you should take painkillers as directed to relieve any pain. There may be some swelling, but this is normally minor.

You will need to eat soft food for 2-3 days.

We will give you a mouthrinse to use to keep the area clean, as you will not be able to use a brush (in the area) for about 5-7 days. Between 7-14 days afterwards, you must only perform gentle brushing and be careful not to brush the gum, only the teeth. Floss or the small interdental brushes cannot be used until 2 weeks after the procedure.

Review appointments will be made as required for each individual case.